1: How does TrustCheats service work?

TrustCheats work on a straightforward and basic algorithm. You don’t need to go into coding or anything. You can simply check out our how does it work section and you will find the answer to all your queries.

2: What do I need to do to generate a gift card of $10?

We would like to clear to all the users that we do not provide any specific amount of gift card. You can check and generate some free gift card codes by your own. And since it is a tool which is generating the gift cards, we can not tell you the amount before you generate it.

3: How many gift card codes can we generate in one time?

There is no limit of generating free gift cards from our tool. Our tool is totally free for all our users, and hence, you don’t have to worry. But at a time, only one card can be generated.

4: Should I provide my email address?

Yes, it is very important and an essential step on our website. You have to provide your email address.

5: How many profiles can we make from one email address?

There is no limit of generating the gift cards and hence, you do not need multiple profiles. Also, from one email address, you only can make one account.

6: Do I need to give my bank details too?

No, not at all. You don’t have to provide any other detail like your bank details, your credit card or your debit card at all.

7: What is the maximum number of the gift card can I win?

First of all, you only can generate cards, and this is all on your luck. There are different gift cards available, and hence for every gift card, there is a different amount. It can go even high as $100 too.

8: Should I redeem this gift card instantly or can keep it for later?

No, it is always better to redeem it now. But if you don’t want to redeem it right now, you can keep it but not for very long. Or else, you can redeem and keep the balance in your account.

9: Can I generate multiple cards at the same time?

No, you can not generate multiple gift cards at the same time. You have to go one by one. But do not hurry as we have our website forever.

10: Do you charge anything?

No, we do not charge anything from our users. The reason is that we don’t want to trouble our users. All these gift cards are for free of cost.

11: Can I hack someone’s account?

No, you can not hack anyone’s account as our whole website has high-end encryption. You can not hack someone’s account and neither someone else can do yours.

12: Should I keep logging in to my account?

No, it would be best if you did not do it for your safety purpose. Also, even if you don’t log out when you check our website another day, you will have to login again.

13: Is this website legit?

Yes, this website is totally legit and 100% real. You do not need to worry about this website being official.

14: What should I do to earn larger amount of card?

Nothing. There is no way which assures you to win a larger amount at all. You can try your luck and win any number of gift card depending on your luck.

15: What is this activator about?

Before you go to redeem the gift card, you have first to activate the code from our website. Once you do so, you will get the card active.

16: Why am I not able to login to my account?

There are many possibilities due to which you might not be able to log in in your account. For this, you have to simply wait or read the terms and conditions to check if you have not followed any condition or else, please do write to us or drop a message on the contact us page. Our team will get back.

17: What will happen if I go against the policies?

If anyone goes against our policies in any way, then strict action will be taken against that person, and the account will also be blocked forever. So please keep these things in mind before doing anything like that.

18: How do I reactivate my account again?

If your account is deactivated, then there must be a reason for it. Our team will only be able to find out when we go through the account. For this, you have to send you an email stating your problem and email address. Once we go through that, we will tell you if it can be reactivated again or not.

Note: If your account is deactivated due to any policy violation, then the gift cards that you have earned will be suspended as well. You won’t be able to use the account again.

19: Do I need to add any plug in to my browser?

No, the good news is that our account is totally free of cost. You don’t have to add any plugin to your browser. You can open the website and generate the free gift card by your own without any difficulty.

20: Is the website safe?

Yes, we want to tell you that we are safe and no harm will be to your PC at all.